CBS: Obama Administration Delayed Many ObamaCare Regulations Until After 2012 Election

Well here you go America more proof you were lied to. The regime deliberately held information back about obamacare to protect his majesty’s re-election. They put everything on hold so no one would have the information they needed to set-up plans, and calculate what the premiums for subscribers would be.

One story after another exposing this fraud occupying the people’s House. I will bet my last two cents this deliberate act by the admin which caused delays for contractors, states and insurance companies to move forward was orchestrated by Valerie Jarrett.

Emperor 0 has so many bodies in place to provide plausible deniability for everything this corrupt regime is engaged in. Jarrett as I have written time and again is on record saying she would do anything he asked of her. She is the one running the entire show!

You can be sure if the individual in HHS who provided CBS with this information is ever found out they will be treated as hardened criminal charged for leaking information.