Sen Sessions: Clinton Will Make Failed Immigration Policy Worse

I know some folks are upset with Sen Sessions but you cannot dismiss his warnings here. Hillary Clinton is on record she is in favor of open borders and within her first 100 days in office will push for comprehensive immigration reform, full amnesty with a pathway to citizenship. That means new voters for the democrat party and redefining the demographics of the US. Look at CA a perfect example of how things will play out with CO, AZ, TX(!) etc on their way if something is not done! We don’t need any reform, we need the laws already on the books enforced! If that happened our illegal immigration problem would drastically change. There is far too much “bait” drawing illegals into the US. Cut off free stuff, punish employers etc who violate the law they won’t come here and those here will self-deport. Enforcing existing law under a Clinton regime will be a joke of course unless it’s laws/ regs that punish republicans, conservatives and anyone else who is not drinking liberal progressive Kool-Aid.