Obama Says Obamacare Works But Needs Improvements

If obamacare “works”, is such a success:

  • why does it need more improvements after the number of changes obama already made from the imperial throne room?
  • why are countless Americans complaining about costs of care (actual cost for treatment) going up?
  • why are countless providers backing out of the exchanges?
  • why have premiums skyrocketed after obama PROMISED costs would go down, approx $2500 per family?
  • why have people lost access to their doctors/ caregivers?
  • why are companies cutting workers hours to part-time to avoid having to provide this wonderful “healthcare”!?

Obamacare is an epic failure, the worst piece of legislation in US history. It is nothing but an act to redistribute wealth, a demonstration of what happens when democrats have far too much power (super-majority) acting against the will of the people. Remember this was passed in the middle of the night before Christmas! Yea its “working, doing what it was designed for” if trashing the best healthcare in the world and collapsing it is your end goal to rescue it with single payer!