Clinton Dodges and Refuses to Take Responsibility For Denying Security Requests in Benghazi

There she goes America, Clinton dodging and refusing to take responsibility for the Benghazi attack. It is insulting and disgraceful for these four men, Stevens, Doherty, Woods and Smith, under this progressives administration as Sec of State to have their deaths trivialized (no thanks to Kevin McCarthy) and suggest events that unfolded on 9/11/12 are conspiracy theory.

It’s not conspiracy theory that the Americans in Benghazi were practically begging for help completely ignored by this Sec of State and administration.

In the case of assassination the first rule says kill the assassin. Do the same rules apply to running guns and doing God knows what in foreign lands to our enemies? There is no logical answer as to why countless requests to beef up security leading up to and calls for help on 9/11 were ignored UNLESS you have something to hide you want to bury with the dead!

Hey Jake someday when you grow up ask some simple questions that a HS journalist would ask from day one: Why was Stevens in Benghazi without proper security? What were the arms Doherty and company were in Benghazi tracking and WHO PUSHED THE VIDEO!