Clinton Tells Town Hall Australian-Style Gun Control is ‘Worth Considering’

It’s no surprise Hillary Clinton, like obama, is in favor of Australian-style gun control aka gun confiscation (mandatory gun buyback, and no people did not get their money back). While this sounds like a good idea, look at what happened in Norway, it was the equivalent to shooting fish in a barrel. Canada has had it share of gun crime and lets not forget the attack on Parliament! As for Australia, gun crime continues regardless of the law there where they just recently had a 15-year-old jihadist kill a man right outside a police station!

Criminals and those with evil intent to kill WILL ALWAYS FIND A WEAPON. If they can’t get a gun they will use some other weapon or a knife like we are seeing now in Israel.

All a gun ban in the US would do is create another economic boom for the black market by trafficking guns across the border along with drugs, illegal aliens and terrorists!

Taking guns away from law-abiding citizens is not a rational solution, as it leaves innocent people incapable of defending themselves. Whether those in govt and law enforcement want to admit it they ARE NOT the true first responders. 99% of the time citizens, who are on scene thus true first responders, are the ones who have to deal with attacks and emergencies. Very rarely are police in position to stop or thwart an attack (terrorist or active shooter).

The Founders gave us the Second Amendment and wrote it clearly because they knew a tyrannical govt would rear its ugly face again. The right to keep and bear arms was not to go hunting, or sport shooting it was meant as arguably the last check and balance between the people and govt. Anyone holding public office or running for President who wants to see the population disarmed is a certified threat to the people and liberty.