Levin: “Last Vestiges of Soviet Communism Are the College Campuses” in US

The left has done a heck of a job manipulating this country. They’ve managed to convince us all that a college education is a must. It’s not and frankly it’s offensive to create such a life/ career requirement when so many will enter careers that their college degree will be completely useless. Don’t get me wrong if you want to go into a career that truly requires a higher education then go for it but how many get a basic business degree or a degree in sociology and do nothing with it! We have millions of people more or less getting an education/ training for a “desk job” that does not exist. FYI if you’ve been under a rock there are 100 million Americans out of work, many are college educated with years of experience under their belt.

Whats genius behind this is progressives have convinced millions to get a degree who are then on the hook for said education incapable of finding a job to pay off their loans. From here progressives then demonize the system ranting over equal pay and all the other propaganda they use to lock in anyone who slipped their 4 year indoctrination camps to more or less praise a socialist system!

Have you ever noticed progressives get people to rail against corporate America and capitalism but stop short at pointing the same finger of blame at the college/ university system!? These institutions are making record profits as tuition skyrockets year after year. When was the last time you heard Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton attack those making the big bucks in colleges and universities? Never, yet they attack corporate America 24/7.

Nice a racket they have set-up isn’t it. Convince the populace they must have a degree to get a job. Said institutions are stacked with radical hardcore leftists who brainwash anyone who walks in their classroom or lecture hall with anti-American/capitalism propaganda, regardless of curriculum. Students are then buried in debt and its all corporate America’s fault “down with capitalism, vote democrat and we’ll make all the hurt go away”.

Take the red pill folks, stew on this for a bit and you’ll agree with Levin that colleges are the last vestiges of Soviet Communism.