Dem Rep Bill Pascrell Jumps Out of Chair and Explodes at GOP Over Obamacare

Pascrell is one of the hardline socialist/ communists in Congress who likes to make a big show of things. He runs his mouth but what has he or any of the hardline socialist/ communists done for the country? Nothing!

The socialist/ communists have been on record with their criticism of the republican party never offering an alternative solution to any of the problems the country is under. When republicans have made offers, as Rep Griffin tries to answer, they are dismissed as this socialist/ communist does making an idiot of himself.

What I would like to point out is that this is an indication of escalation we will see in the coming months and years from the radicals. You will see more jump out of their chairs, grandstand for the camera, the sheeple and eventually approach their opposition getting face to face. None of this should be of concern but when we see shoving or something more physical be warned real trouble will follow.

The rhetoric and attacks in Congress are nothing new, it’s a part of our history, but when they come to blows we will be on a path repeating our dark history. The last time things got physical at the Capitol Civil War followed!