Jesse Jackson: GOP is ‘Re-Rise of the Confederacy’

GOP is ‘anti-the big American dream’! Did you know we tried to take “them” down in 1860 with the Fort Sumter TEA Party!?

ROFL I guess the race hustler is feeling a little lonely not getting all the attention he was use to over the last year. Jackson and the other racists in this country love to stir the pot looking to start a fight they won’t fight! What Jackson and the other racists are doing is no different from the propaganda Bin Laden & Ayman al-Zawahiri have done! Terror leaders call for jihad and it is their brainless followers who carry it out. The race hustlers keep crying wolf so the permanent dependent entitlement uninformed voting class will act out! We have in fact had some acts of violence carried out in reprisal of certain race related cases. Cases that Jackson and his kind have thrown gasoline on to stoke the fires of racial division. So please someone tell me I’m wrong that there is no comparison between what terror leaders do vs the race hustlers!

They both amp up their “troops” who do their bidding while they sit back and enjoy the fruits of the “troops” labor! So yes I’m saying what the race hustlers are doing is terrorism propaganda! Prove me wrong!