Mark Levin Rips Sen McConnell, Endorses His Primary Challenger Matt Bevin

Anyone who is a friend of/ or endorsed by Chuck Schumer is not one to be trusted. That said Mitch McConnell is an enemy to the conservative movement. I don’t care if he challenged by a rock, vote for the rock in the primary! We have got to get the establishment progressive republicans out of power. These monsters are stopping every effort made by conservatives to stop the obama wrecking machine.

Matt Bevin (McConnell’s primary challenger) from what I have heard from his two appearances on Glenn Beck sounds like a better option. We need change in this country and the only way that will happen is first removing the incumbents. What is the worst that can happen by electing new blood? They suck we kick them out and go find someone else! The only way we are taking this country back CIVILLY is to first get control of the GOP in the House and Senate. Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, Peter King etc etc all the progressive RINOs need primary challengers. Removing incumbents is our #1 priority now followed by stopping ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY.