Sean Hannity Calls Obamacare Hotline, Grills Operator and Makes Awkward Small Talk with Her

The obamacare website doesn’t work so his majesty says call the 800#. Well Sean Hannity took him up on that and actually got through! The call center worker was very pleasant and understanding stating they were told to inform people it could be up to 42 hours until the system is back up and to try again! Interestingly she was not aware of all the empty promises that have been made about 0care about the ease of use or reduction in premium costs!

The emperor wants people to call this number and give out their personal information to these call center employees that will mail out information. This call center worker explained she has only had 1 week of training and has been on the job for 3 weeks taking people’s personal info.

There’s no rocket science behind how this website is supposed to work. Most of the sites you visit to buy products and services are based on the same premise that do work and get more traffic than this government-run website. Think Amazon, Ebay, Target, Walmart etc etc etc. Worst off if you get through online you have to provide ALL your personal info first before this system will give you options for healthcare coverage. Did you do that when you bought your car? Did you give all your information before going for a test drive? Did you give all your personal info when you went looking for a home? Of course not, this systems primary purpose is for data mining of our personal information. It’s second purpose is to create chaos in out healthcare system so progressives can come running to the rescue with a solution -> single payer.

Obamacare is a complete disaster and it’s going to take us all down with it!