Minister of Propaganda Unable to Report on The Number of People Enrolled in Obamascare

In other words the regime will release inaccurate cooked up enrollment figures to compensate for the inept incompetent roll out of this law no one but Congress, who isn’t even enrolled in it, wants!

These bobble heads have no facts to back up anything they claim. They knew this was coming for over three years and no one can even sign up for the crappy healthcare law. The fact that this govt site doesn’t even work should be a red flag to everyone of the coming nightmare with obamascare. It’s all part of the plan to create chaos and then the dopes will deliver single payer as a solution.

Wait until you need care and are denied because your profile doesn’t fit with the complete lives system! You wanted this AmeriKa when you re-elected the SOB in chief as well as his subordinates in the House and Senate.