Rush: Obama Saying He’s Willing to Negotiate is a ‘TOTAL CROCK!’

The SOB in chief is willing to negotiate as long as you agree with all of his demands, he will “negotiate” the terms of your surrender! You see the fact is it’s obama’s way or the highway and he wants to tank the economy! The emperor is playing these word games to run the clock down so he can be there at the end saying “I tried to negotiate but that faction in the GOP held the republican party and nation hostage”.

Watch and see kids it’s totally plausible to unfold like this. The emperor needs a crisis/ catastrophe to switch his machine of fundamental transformation on. An economic collapse tied to the US defaulting is perfect vehicle to get what he wants. He is stoking the markets to tank regardless of the fact that by law the US will pay its debt regardless of other factors. Progressives on both sides of the aisle know this but are engaged in activity to help him get there by creating this false line of division in the republican party. His majesty’s plan is coming together quite nicely!