Obama Thugs Remove Vietnam Vets and Visitors From War Memorial

Um I’m going to go out on a limb here and say what Mark Levin WARNED about last week when it came to obama thugs laying a hand on WW2 vets will apply to our Vietnam vets as well. To those in the regime and you drones out there following orders let me ask you something straight out…

You sure you wanna ride this train?

We the people know without a shadow of a doubt this administration and president LOATH our military. You are crossing the line messing with our vets and come Oct 13th you are going to regret it!

Million Vet March on DC

ht GWP


Closure of War Memorials Continues to Cause Conflict
The closure of D.C.’s war memorials continues to be a source of contention for tourists and law enforcement officials.

Like the hundreds of World War II veterans who came to National Mall to pay their respects this week, a group of Vietnam veterans found a barricade blocking the way to their memorial Friday. News4’s Mark Segraves said two U.S. Park Service Rangers manning the gate asked that the group respect the government’s shutdown but moved aside.

Segraves described the exchange as pleasant and respectful.

The veterans then moved the barricade and walked down to the wall to pay their respects. But a flood of tourists followed even though the memorial is closed to the general public…more