Obama: I’m Sorry That Americans Are Losing Health Coverage

There you go ‘Mericans see he is sorry he LIED to you all. So sorry he will continue to give his pals in the unions tax breaks and granted waivers for other friends of the administration. Claiming he wasn’t clear is an understatement. HE and members of the regime deliberately lied about people losing their health plans and delayed the rollout of regulations to secure his re-election.

People are not getting better options either as his majesty claims. Americans are losing health plans they were happy with, being forced to buy more expensive plans that do not offer the same coverage they had. they are not getting better plans, thesis lie to justify the failure of this tyrannical law.

Chuck Todd could have stepped up and been real journalist today asking him straight out to delay the individual mandate. Obama has no problem doing favors for big corporations and others but still stands his ground screwing Americans. Todd of course stayed silent, put on a show for viewers looking for an apology.

The American people do not want apologies or our tax dollars wasted fixing the website which is just a symptom of a bigger problem. We NEVER ASKED ANYONE to step in and redo the healthcare system. We never asked govt to take over 1/6th of the US economy putting it on a collision course with complete failure. Edie Sundby didn’t ask for her healthcare that is keeping her alive to be downgraded while costs raised.

Obama can take his apologies turn them sideways and shove them!