Romney: Obama’s Dishonesty on Obamacare Puts His Second Term in Peril

Obama trying to justify obamacare claiming it was modeled after Romneycare is laughable. Last time I checked the people of Massachusetts didn’t take the state to the Supreme Court to have Romneycare stopped, only to have the law upheld by the Chief Justice as a tax!

I don’t care what folks have to say on this, like him or not Mitt Romney was robbed of the presidency in 2012. Obama deliberately delayed regulations form obamacare prior to the election because had they not a lot of what we are experiencing now we would have seen and felt last year right before the election. So on top of everything else obama has done one can safely say as of today he stole the 2012 election through lies and deceit.

Obama once again committed an act of fraud to secure the presidency of the US and I;’m having a hard time why no one has come forward to challenge him. The complicit crap media as well as the republicans have all played a role in this. To be silent is to speak, to not act is to act!