Only 20% Of People Enrolled In ObamaCare Actually Have Insurance

Those who have “enrolled” here is a simple way to find out if you have coverage: have you paid for your health plan and received confirmation? Yes/ No
If yes, congrats you are one of the few who is not only insured but got through the barackobamacare website!
If no, you don’t have insurance regardless of the hours, days or weeks you spent on the barackobamacare website. You like most are not enrolled but signed up for a health plan.

You see America the regime wants those who have in actuality signed up for healthcare believe they are enrolled. Signed up and enrolled are two different things. It’s like having items in an online shopping cart or wish list vs items paid for that are being shipped to you. Anyone who ran a lemonade stand with a basic grasp on business would know this except those in the regime who have never held a real job in their entire lives!

So all the people the regime is touting as signed up and covered are not! No you folks are getting screwed and I hope none of you have any medical emergencies because you could be in for a rude awakening when you try to get care!