Dem Rep ObamaCare “Strike Team” Member: People Losing Their Plans is a “Good Thing”

Socialists in DC are demented to say the least. Rep Cartwright being a member of the propaganda machine is pushing the lies that people have high deductibles and bad insurance policies to justify losing their policies making it a “good thing” for barackobamacare enrollment.

“There are people out there who have insurance that’s really, it’s an illusion of coverage. They have immense deductibles. They have annual and lifetime caps. There’s so many people out there with what I call phony insurance policies, and the fact that they’re going to lose those policies, sooner or later, I think is a good thing.”

Have you noticed it’s only the demoncrats coming out making these claims? I’ve yet to see a news piece of people who have lost their health plans saying how happy they are about it because their policy was too expensive and provided lousy coverage. Where are the Americans who fall under this LIE being pushed by the obama propaganda machine? They don’t exist because if they did the demoncrats would be using people in such situations as their poster children to justify destroying the American healthcare system!