Rush: ObamaCare Is Going To Increase The Divorce Rate

Obamacare is a social economic wrecking ball behind the obama wrecking machine. Married couples are now facing penalties under the Affordable Care Act where they will not be able to receive the same subsidies as unwed couples who will save up to $10,000 more!

The obaminable law is destroying the economy and it isn’t in full effect yet and now people have to contend with deciding to divorce in order to afford health care! This is insanity and keep in mind his majesty doubled down on all the downsides associated with this law when he said as long as he is potus obamacare will not be repealed. He in fact is saying yes more people will lose their jobs, more people will lose their healthcare and doctors, yes the law will continue to drag down the economy and yes if people have to divorce to afford it then so be it!