DC Whistleblower Tells Megyn Kelly DHS Hiring Radical Pro-Open Border & Amnesty Attorneys

Another example of the seditious activity coming out of this corrupt administration. These radical attorneys hired by DHS will have the ability to stop deportations and are permanent civil service jobs; meaning when obama leaves office they stay! This has Soros written all over it too as one of the groups these attorneys are coming from is Tides Foundation! This move in effect is another way to bypass Congress should amnesty not pass and provide soft/ backdoor amnesty! Adams explains “..this unit will have the power to effectively suspend immigration laws that if Congress doesn’t pass amnesty or comprehensive reform these new lawyers will have the power to just let everybody in the United States…”

We are screwed now that there is nothing to stop emperor obama from stacking the courts with radical judges who will squash any measure to stop what these radical attorneys will be doing.