Dana Loesch Destroys Race Hustler Richard Fowler Claiming TEA Party is Racist

The reason I’m posting this is because once again the left has shifted the narrative away from obamacare and onto the TEA Party and the unproven charge they are racist. Things must be very bad behind closed progressive doors on obamacare for them to be making this futile move. The charges of racism have no weight with the American people at this point because the card has been so over played! As pointed out by Loesch and Hannity Andrew Breitbart issued a $100k reward for anyone on the left to prove racism took place during the original obamacare showdown and no one could back up the charges. Rep Clever even had to backpeddle the charges of racism destroying what little credibility he had left!

I don’t know where this Richard Fowler came from but every single time he gets on air he proves the stupidity of the left. In one breath he says the TEA Party is not racist but then a “bastion for racism”! Dana Loesch calls this obamaroid’s double talk out making it clear they mean the same thing.

This dunce points out one site/ group that no one has heard of and in the lefts mind it applies across the board. Thats fine by me because that means they are as much a bunch of racists standing and defending the Black Panthers while denying the presidents white family/ heritage!