Sen. John McCain: Republicans Voting Against Budget Deal ‘Lack Some Intellectual integrity’

The informed American people DID NOT object to the obama/ Reid govt shutdown Johnny! We supported Ted Cruz, the other rebels in Congress and were all for the shutdown because we knew/ know the truth about obamacare. Cruz and those of us who supported him have been vindicated since the obamacare website rollout.

The only reason McCain and the progressives in the Senate are talking down those who voted against the budget deal is because they want to protect their political seats. This budget deal was nothing but a political move it does not address the out of control spending. One of the biggest problems with it of course are the cuts to military pensions. As usual Congress cuts funding to the military active/ retired and then make their case it’s for the greater good. We can on;y imagine what other gems you idiots have buried in this budget deal. I’m sure some pet projects will be getting funding soon that we will uncover!

We the people are tired of the greater good speeches and using the military as pawns. Some day you jerks in DC are going to regret throwing the military under the bus! We the people can only pray top brass will wake up, invoke their oath and put an end to all of this!