Deneen Borelli Destroys Juan Williams on Obamacare: Is This What The WH Told You When You Met With Them Last Month?

Deneen Borelli nailed Juan Williams when he tried to brush over 6 million Americans who have lost their health plans coming off as if it doesn’t matter. As he poorly tried to push regime talking points Borelli called him out on it asking if they are the talking points he got following his meeting with regime members last month! Williams response was sad, incapable of putting a solid thought across as she hammered away on him.

America, esp you 6 million who have lost your plans, are you listening? You are being trivialized and downplayed for the greater good of providing healthcare for 40 million. Take note those 40 million must not be that desperate for socialized medicine because the enrollment numbers are nowhere close to what the regime needs to make this joke work!

The regime has no contingency plan in place if no one signs up for barackobamacare to get to the minimum number they need of 7 million! When the estimated 75 million have their he alt plans cut what exactly are they going to do? It is going to be utter chaos in 2014 because the fact remains the 60% of the website which must be used doesn’t work!