Military Base Being Told They Can’t Use The Word Christmas & More

Why are people submitting to minority tyrants like atheist and GLAAD? It all starts with one person whining and then next thing you know you can’t say Merry Christmas, have a Nativity scene on display, or lyrics to a song like Silent Night completely rewritten! When did the needs of the few or the one outweigh the needs of the many?

What happened this CHRISTmas season is no different from the last with the attacks on the holiday and Christianity. The left’s end goal is to have religion removed altogether, dismissing it which will leave the door open to attack the Constitution since it is based on Judea-Christian beliefs! I have no doubt the left hates every aspect that makes our country great. The stories covered in this segment are all small battles they have won in a larger war. Those small wins are adding up where someday you will not be able to recognize this country anymore. Resist and do not comply with any of the PC attacks from the minority tyrants!