Greta: We’ve Become Enablers for a Do-Nothing Congress

Greta is right and I have said it many times you want to blame someone for this nightmare we are living in blame yourself. We want DC to take responsibility for all their failures thence the people must take responsibility for allowing the monsters to run free bringing us to the brink!

The losers in DC are only scheduled to work together 5 days this entire month! I suggest each and every one of you haunt them when they return to their districts. I don’t care it’s the holiday season either! What is more important, your children’s future or some dinners and parties? Threaten them to do their jobs, DEFUND obamacare (funding expires Jan 15th) because their days in office are numbered. For those not up for re-election it’s time to initiate recall elections. Don’t say it can’t be done it can, CO proved that. Those seeking re-election in ’14 need primary challengers and run out of office. We do not have the time to play games and fall for the “I promise in my next term I will __.”

It’s time to grow up and start hitting back folks!