The Kelly File: Congressional Hearing on Presidential Power Over Allegations Obama Disregarding the Constitution

Is there any question at this point Bronco ‘Bama has violated his duty as POTUS?! He violates the Constitution daily and law of the land aka obamacare 24/7 that you know nothing will happen following this Congressional hearing. Impeachment will NEVER happen as long as the establishment GOP and Harry Reid are power in the US Senate. There are too many politicians scared it will backfire as Napolitano and Kelly point out when Clinton was POTUS.

Somehow by some act of God conservatives must get power in the Senate while increasing their numbers in the House to put some kind of stop to his majesty’s abuse of powers. Jan 15th they will get another shot at stopping obamacare when funding runs out. I highly recommend folks start riding their Senators and Representatives NOW to defund obamacare rather than wait until after the new year.