Imperial Dictator Re-Writes Obamacare Law AGAIN, Urges Insurers to Extend Health Care Plans

Once again the imperial regime re-writes the healthcare law to cover for their ineptness and failures. Last time I checked Congress aka the Legislative Branch writes the laws, or amends existing ones and the Executive Branch is there to carry out and enforce the laws. I must have missed when these powers re-delegated all to the Executive Branch?!

The health insurance industry is in complete disarray no thanks to obama who couldn’t careless about the chaos he is deliberately causing because he is on his way to his $4+ million vacation!

Emperor obama cannot change the laws on the fly this is illegal, so why is Congress once again remaining silent? Oh that’s right they were too busy screwing our vets retirement benefits to rush home for Christmas to be around now and challenge his royal majesty. Do these guys realize by their lack of action they have rendered themselves irrelevant? The soft tyranny has just about shifted to full-blown hard tyranny!