Glenn Beck: Chris Christie is a Fat, Progressive Nightmare

Beck pulled no punches about Gov Chris Christie tonight on Piers Morgan with guest host SE Cupp! I think SE is caught up under the establishment GOP’s spell that we must get behind whomever they give us to run for POTUS, we tried that in ’08, ’12 and have failed. Progressives like Christie are the problem with this country, everything Beck cites about him is true. Mark Levin has railed against Christie for months and wants him to run only so he can be exposed for what he truly is.

I think citizens of New Jersey would disagree of how good of a job he is doing as they pay some of the highest taxes in the country and have one of the highest unemployment rates currently at 8.4%! Christie is not a conservative, he is pro-gun control, pro-illegal alien amnesty, pro-green energy read more here.