Krauthammer: Obama Siding With Mullahs Over Congress on New Sanctions

Emperor 0 is empowering and enabling the Iranians nuclear weapon development program. Through this bunk nuclear agreement he has in fact created a new arms race in the worst region on the entire planet! Krauthammer is correct about the deal being a farce there is nothing to stop them and obama KNEW this! This another clear example of how ineffective and irrelevant Congress has become under Darth Hussein’s rule.

People argue why is the US, India, Russia etc can have nuclear arms but not the middle east? Simple answer we developed them as a deterrent and a last resort. The US would never use nuclear weapons in a preemptive attack, yes we used 2 during WW2 but that was to END the war! You don’t see any nation with nuclear weapons making daily threats to wipe other nations (i.e. Israel & the US) and those same nations are not sponsors of numerous terror organizations like Iran!

Radical islamic regimes like that in Iran will use nukes as soon as they have enough weapons grade material available. I highly doubt they will spend the time and money to develop weapons grade material, build a bomb and “waste it” by setting off in the middle of the desert as a show of strength! When they develop the bomb they will hand it off to one of the numerous terror groups they support who will set it off in a major city. This act alone will give Iranians plausible deniability because from the outside all we will know is that they are in development stages, thus the other reason for no live tests. We never see a test run so “it wasn’t them” who did it which will make any attempt for retaliation extremely dangerous which will more tun likely put us on a path to World War.