Welcome to the US Police State: Teen “Wrongfully Arrested” by Topeka Police For Jaywalking

Do we see what happened prior to the start of this clip? No, but do we hear the teen, Addison Mikkelson, ask what he has done wrong multiple times? Yes, where it would appear his major initial crime was to jaywalk and then delay in a whopping 15 secs to produce his ID!

Mikkelson identifies as an activist who believes “that our rights should not be violated from the government officials. I have a lot of respect for police officers, but when it comes to those that feels he/she is above the law, I’ll be there to stand up for what our soldiers are fighting for.” In the video description he states, “I was arrested today for “obstruction of justice”, which is a false charge due to the fact I wasn’t refusing to show my ID. In this video above, you’ve seen for yourself that I didn’t resist to give my ID I was respectfully asking what crime I have committed. This officer also decided to kick my camera, which he claims he “Didn’t do it intentionally” which is bull shit. You don’t just raise your foot, and kick a camera and say it was an accident, he obviously did it on purpose. These two officers then put me in hand cuffs and arrested me once again on a false charge, and placed me in the back of a police cruiser.”

We can see there are a number of police vehicles in the area which would leave one to believe this teen was filming whatever was going on. Was he asked to leave prior to the start of the video? We don’t know as of now but based on his distance from them he posed no threat to the officers, they approached him IMO for filming them. According to Mikkelson he was in the process of securing and setting his camera down when patience ran thin with the cops. There is no mention of any other offense during this video to justify the blatant abuse of powers by these cops.

Those of you in law enforcement who act out like this are setting dangerous precedents. You wonder why people do not have respect for the police this is just one of many examples why! Those of you in law enforcement who are offended by this type of conduct need to speak out and do something about it!

What I have learned from the countless number of videos like this is that given a choice police will resort to abuse of power rather than uphold their oath. It tells me when SHTF the majority will side with govt rather than the people they swore an oath to protect. FYI you take an oath to protect and serve your community and the Constitution of the US as well as the state you reside. No where in the variations of oath of office for police officers does it say anything about swearing an oath to government!