Race Hustler Michael Eric Dyson: GOP Opposition to Extending Unemployment Benefits is Racist

This Dyson is on a roll pulling the race card on almost every issue being addressed. What I have found is those who pull the race card when race is not an issue are hardcore racists. That of course is a no brainer for the majority of MSLSD hosts and guests. The real issue here that these idgets will not address is the entitlements like UE benefits are unsustainable and set a horrendous precedent of keeping people dependent on govt! Keeping people on unemployment masks the larger problem that the economy is not recovering, if it was people would not be expecting to have UE benefits extended! Now for those who will go on the track that I am heartless FYI I am long-term unemployed and HAVE NEVER taken dime from the govt!

For all you dopes in the GOP understand that if IF by some act of God you get control of the Senate and hold the House you are being set up for whatever nightmare is in the nations economic future! The democrats are doing one bang up job of wrecking the economy. The fact they have done nothing to solve the unemployment problem and have kept people dependent on unemployment benefits is a clear warning sign of the hell copying our way!