Dr Ben Carson: Doctors Didn’t Sign Up To Become Government Employees

The doctor patient relationship is going to be destroyed under obamacare. This should be as big of a concern as any other aspect of healthcare being ruined by this intrusive abusive law. Doctors that know their patients know what to ask and what to look for. But under obamacare we will be treated like cattle if we can get in to see a doctor and our level of care will be greatly lower due to the volume of people needing care.

The best example I can use for folks to understand what I am trying to explain is imagine calling customer service for waiting on hold for 10, 20, 30+ minutes for whatever problem you have and you tell your whole story to the customer service rep. After the call ends you think things have been taken care but the problem persist. You call that help-line again but you get a new person to deal with. You now have to go and tell the whole story over again adding in whatever was discussed in the first call. If you’re lucky you will cover all the issues you need addressed during that call but many times something gets missed or forgotten. Maybe the problem comes up again for the third time, at that point the stress level is off the charts where information will clearly be missed. Under obamacare this is the type of situation that will happen and you do not want to be in because it will have dire results!

Doctor patient relationship being removed because of obamacare will, give it time, result in a serious injury even death. The powers that be couldn’t careless because all they see are the dollar signs they will make while increasing their grip of power over us!