MSLSD’s Lawrence O’Donnell Spews Hate at James Madison Who “Did Things Far More Insidious and Evil Than The NSA”

The Founding Fathers would be aghast Larry that a communist like yourself can get away with the crap you spew on the air everyday. Larry is wrong as usual, we do have an idea how the Founding Fathers would react today about the NSA violating our rights because we have their letters and journals! This dope, this propagandist is banking on the uninformed class to believe the misinformation he pushes night after night taking it as fact!

It is absurd to suggest we don’t know how they would act. If the Founders were here they would look at all of us in disgrace. Our very history is an indication, as we have done things to ourselves they went to WAR OVER! One tax and the seizure of weapons were the final straws to overthrow a dictator! O’Donnell would have you believe the Founders would sit back and approve of the NSA if they were here today!

Larry O’Donnell you are as much a failure as a “journalist” as you were an actor! Someday the people in this country with a few spare bucks along with stockholders of Comcast are going to wake up, invoke their voting powers with the company and throw all of you out!