Dictator Obama Doubles Down: Where I Can Act on My Own Without Congress I’m Going to Do So

Oh look there he is again with more puppet props! See how the sheep go along applauding him to bypass Congress with no regard for the rule of law!? The emperor does this so eloquently so slick that it doesn’t even click in people’s head because all they can think of is “we need jobs someone has to do something” This mindset is what gets people, governments and counties into trouble.

Do something anything to relieve the pain is temporary fix. Unemployment is a symptom of his poor economic policies. Obama created this mess that piled onto a mess which started before he became potus (for all you Bush bashers). Instead of taking action to remedy the economy and bleeding of jobs he instead threw gasoline… no parked a gasoline tanker over a fire and opened up all the valves! Instead of fixing the economy when he got into office with a super majority obama and company decided to ram obamacare down the nations throat which is costing people more jobs. He created this mess and anyone who tries to get ahead now gets kicked in the gut with taxes, regulations etc thus stifling business growth!