Judge Pirro Bashes Obama for Being the “Master of Contradiction”

Pirro gives a nice preview of what we should expect to hear from his royal majesty’s State of the Union speech. Thankfully she points out the truth about his abuses of power, constant lies which all will be missing from his speech not to mention contradictions of his actions. The imperial emperor is going to make a bunch of empty promises Tuesday followed with his new war on income inequality which is marxist code for class warfare/ attack the rich!

I have to say Pirro calling him the Master of Contradiction is too kind. The man is an outright liar, who rose to power and stayed in power for a second term on a mountain of lies. What’s worse s the lack of our elected leaders to hold him accountable. His speech tuesday night will be reminiscent of other dictators propaganda speeches. If anything it will let us know aside from attacking capitalism who else he and his cronies will be going after this election year!