Liberal Media Blames Chris Stevens For His Own Death

What exactly do these idiots expect Ambassador Stevens to do? It’s clear they are rewriting history to protect Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential run! Chris Stevens requested help and didn’t get it from Hillary Clinton’s State Dept. His only last resort was to use local militia. But lets talk about WHY Stevens was in Benghazi killed at a CIA annex NOT a That answer is why he had minimal security. Stevens was engaged in running arms into the middle east on behalf of the obama administration. This is why there is a coverup of a coverup!

A US ambassador cannot be doing illegal activity on behalf of his bosses the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and president from a US embassy, he could however wheel and deal from a remote CIA complex. Take note the burned out SUV is not armored! Why? Because Stevens had to blend in with the locals where an armored SUV would stick out like a sore thumb! I’m not going top provide the links because I do not want to be charged with bias opinion. Look it up it’s all out there from credible news agencies from Reuters to ABC News, you just have to put the pieces together!