Glenn Beck: Libyan Attack a Cover-Up?

This is quite explosive and Beck will be attacked relentlessly for his hypothesis.

Glenn lays out what happened in Libya and wonders if the attack is really a cover-up for a CIA operation. Given we now live in a crazy world his hypothesis that Stevens and company were in Libya for weapons retrieval from a prior arms deal during the Libyan uprising is not out of the question. Glenn cites many issues that leaves one scratching their head wondering, from why they didn’t have an armored vehicle to statements made by the SEAL who died.

Beck was wrong on Sean Smith as far as being a Navy SEAL. Smith was former Air Force but the rest of the story holds. Smith did post the message about photos being taken of the compound prior to the attack to his online gaming community.

  • In 1932 the notorious NY TIMES PULITZER PRIZED liar Walter Duranty kept
    the public in the dark on Stalin’s murders! When caught “Red Handed”
    Duranty calmly stated: “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few
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    NY times never apologized nor took away his Pulitzer Prize. Today the NY
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  • Huge_Heffner

    Don’t worry. We will be rescued soon. Obama and his goons are now in full panic mode, self destructing before our eyes and going through full melt-down. You can see it in their campaign now, which offers no substance, no plans for the future, and nothing but class/social division, character assassination, and angry rhetoric.