Reid Attacks GOP For Not Extending Unemployment Benefits, Claims Congress Cut 3 TRILLION in Debt!

Want to know why NOTHING gets done in America? You are looking at him! Aside from the general incompetence of Congress, who acts on behalf of their own interests, Harry Reid is the second biggest problem in DC being emperor obama’s henchman! Unemployment benefits have already been extended to 99 weeks extending them further does no good for the nation. Unemployment benefits running out for 1.3 million Americans is a symptom of a larger problem that there is NO economic recovery. Remember I am long-term unemployed and have NEVER taken a dime from the govt, so think before you attack me!

People are unemployed needing UE benefits because there are NO JOBS for the 100 million that are out of work! There are no jobs because we don’t make anything here anymore, it’s all been outsourced to China, Mexico, Malaysia, India, Pakistan etc for a multitude of reasons. High taxes, EPA regulations, union demands, etc etc have run businesses out of the US. Don’t pull that greedy corporation line either as an excuse businesses are in business to make money not give it all away to the govt! You really think if companies brought industry back into the US they would be profitable? Reid, obama and company are looking for more ways to redistribute wealth. I contend many companies would go under or layoff thousands to just stay afloat!

We cannot continue this state of entitlement the demoncrats and republicants have got us in. Extending unemployment benefits is as unsustainable as all the other social entitlement programs funded by the US taxpayer. To add insult to injury Reid claims Congress cut 3 trillion in debt to justify not making any spending cuts to offset re-upping unemployment benefits… this is a lie and quite frankly should be news to everyone! When did the incompetents occupying the nation’s capital cut 3 trillion from the budget? If that is true why were cuts made to veterans benefits, why did we have a shutdown months ago, why are there 100 million people out of work?

Harry Reid is as much of a liar on economic issues like this as obama has been over obamacare. He likes to point the finger of blame at the republicans but you need to understand something, republicans control one half of one-third of government! Obama, Reid and all their ilk are the ones in control getting richer while we all get poorer!