Sen Shelby: Federal Reserve Holds More US Debt in Treasury Bonds Than China & Eurozone Combined

Sen Richard Shelby spoke on his opposition to Janet Yellen becoming Fed chief and the direction the Federal Reserve is headed. His opposition like others in the Senate is concerned over her weak record on regulations and easy money policies. This may be technical for many to understand but you need to know this information because it shows how dire our situation is. you must also understand the Federal Reserve buying Treasury bonds is like you taking money out of your left pocket and putting it in your right pocket. Although a few years old please watch this video I put together about what the Fed is doing which is quite frankly no different from money laundering!

The Federal Reserve is printing money at an alarming rate devaluing the dollar. We are headed for major economic trouble between all these games they are playing not only with buying our own debt but also messing with the gold supply! What the Fed is doing is beyond what took place in the Weimar Republic, and you know how that ended!
Ask yourself if the nation were in an economic recovery would all these schemes be necessary???