Glenn Beck Warns Gold Reserves May Have Been Monetized Like SubPrime Loans and Sold Off

This is a must see! Please make the time to watch it so you can understand how this PONZI scheme concocted by the Fed works. I think the other central banks were in on the rehypothecation but do not know the gold is physically gone. They probably looked at rehypothecation on the gold the same way the banks looked at monetizing mortgages, “…houses aren’t going anywhere right! So why not lets sell the loans”! There is no logical reason to explain why it would take the Federal Reserve 7 years to return 5% of Germany’s gold where the first shipment isn’t even what was promised AND the gold returned was melted down recasted into new bars! The German central bank claims it has to do with the “Deutsche Bundesbank’s new storage concept” but why would that change be done BEFORE the transfer?? Wouldn’t Germany want to oversee that process? Where’s the gold? The gold at Ft Knox and the Federal Reserve in NY IMO is gone. At this point (put on your tinfoil hats) it is not impossible to suggest the Fed’s rehypothecation on the gold got completely out of control, they melted the gold down into new bars cutting down the purity and sold them off. The Chinese have been buying gold like mad men along with Russia. Private investors like George Soros has been stocking up on gold and so has the University of Texas. Everyone that can is buying up gold. Where is that supply of all this gold coming from if it is so rare and in such short supply it’s worth $1200 an ounce? Or is it the Fed putting the gold it is supposed to be storing back into circulation and profiting off of it? US Congressmen have been denied access to physically inspect our gold reserves at Ft Knox, why? What exactly does the US govt and the Fed plan to do if the Germans or other nations who we are “storing” their gold decide they want to come and physically inspect it? You really think the Germans will bend over or any other nation when it comes to their actual national treasure? Go back to what Beck said, imagine a financial crisis over the gold on a world scale like the subprime meltdown. Forget the mess in the middle east, or what some commie is saying in N Korea or Venezuela this is something that could literally start a war!