Rush: The GOP Establishment Plans to Pass Amnesty

Question I post all the time: Where is Paul Ryan? Ryan has been working behind the scenes with closet communist Rep Luis Gutierrez on a House version of amnesty.

The elitist bobbleheads in DC want to tap the instant voter base at Americans expense so they can stay in power. Republicants and demoncrats are both battling to win the hearts and minds of illegal aliens aka permanent voting class! Read it again folks… they don’t care about your or me they care about the illegal aliens and how they will keep incumbents in power.

Rush lays out the devious plan the establishment is planning to do you know will most likely turn out to be true! This is why the establishment elitists like John Boehner, Mitch McConnell etc are going after TEA Party and conservative challengers. No matter what all incumbents must be primary challenged because amnesty will happen. I’m not just talking about the republicants wither I’m saying to primary the demoncrats too! Look if you want to vote democrat fine God bless ya go for it just don’t vote for the guy/ gal that’s been in office forever! Stick to whatever party you want just please for Gods sake kick out the incumbents because regardless of what side you are on you know this country is on fire. The SOB’s in power are the problem so let’s at least get new blood in DC or do you want to go off a cliff?!