Rep Barbara Lee Blames Current Level of Poverty on… You Guessed It, Bush!

CA Rep Barbara Lee like all progressives loves to blame Bush on the regimes propaganda network MSDNC.

All you insane closet communists calling yourselves democrats out there need to understand George W Bush ISN’T President anymore. Bush hasn’t been President since Jan 2009 when your MESSIAH barack HUSSEIN obama was sworn in. History will record the events of these times as a product of obama’s policies and progressive agenda. When we look at JFK, Eisenhower, FDR, Lincoln or any other POTUS we don’t see who they were blaming for their troubles, or who the media was pointing the finger of blame. So you can try to sway voter opinion to save your ass for destroying the economy by blaming Bush but there are folks like myself who will out you for the closet communist you are!

I would suggest all of you closet communists go read an insightful story called “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. I’m not sure it’s at your reading level you may want to get someone help you get through it but you might learn something from reading it!

While you point the finger of blame doing nothing to turn this economy around put successfully dividing the nation some people are waking up, so be warned.