Al Sharpton’s Chicago Town Hall Erupts Into Anti-Machine Revolt

Oh kids I think it’s starting!

May I go as far to say this is borderline conservative porn?! The people of Chicago have had enough of the radical progressive lefts stranglehold on them! Please let this be the start of something bigger that will reach coast to coast! These people know and have called out those responsible for running their communities into the ground. Al “I use my people for financial gain” Sharpton must have been crapping his pants! He and the other prog handlers probably thought they would have a nice bash the “evil, rich, corporate, old white republicans sending guns into our community” but instead it was bash-fest against City Hall, city government officials who have run their communities into the ground but also Jackson, Sharpton and yes even obama! An 82-year-old preacher even went as far to say they need their own version of TEA Party meetings and they are going for the jugular!!

I told you all give them enough time and progressives will hang themselves! How do we get people to go after Sharpton, Jackson and all the race hustlers who have done nothing for them but make them into victims keeping the radicals in power? How do we get other communities under the power of progressives (mainly democrat) to start their own local revolt like this? How do we get them to recall their Congressional Representatives and Senators? It’s starting let’s help them!!

Those of you in Chicago who are feeling as angry as the people in this video

“Let’s Roll” and take this country back from the progressive overseers who have made all our lives coast to coast a living nightmare!

(individual clips of those in main vid)