Judge Pirro Weighs in on the Duck Dynasty A&E Feud

The left calls for tolerance as they express themselves while ramming their beliefs and opinions down our throats yet is intolerant towards anyone who expresses themselves. This battle with A&E and Phil Robertson goes to the very core of what is going wrong in America. It’s Hollywood and leftist elitists vs middle America and conservatives, where political correctness and minority tyranny has gone completely out of control.

These tyrants have crossed a line because Phil Robertson and his family are a representation of America (Christian conservatives) and how real people live. An attack on the Robertson’s is an attack on the majority of America. This show isn’t #1 by accident, its what people want to see! The Kardashian’s, Housewives of ___, and many other reality shows push fantasy lifestyles along with questionable behavior and irresponsibility(financial & promiscuity) as if they are the norms. In actuality what we see on Duck Dynasty is closer to life in America coast to coast than some lavish exotic vacation where money is not an issue. There is so much more at play that this suspension has now open the door to you can be sure the story will not be going away. This fight just started!