Sen Manchin Still Hopeful to Pass Gun Control

Manchin is right about one thing we the people do not trust govt. We will continue to oppose all new gun legislation because we know the laws written today are done in a manner to open the door for more restrictive legislation down the road. I don’t know anyone who “liked the bill” he and Toomey drafted, so Manchin is delusional on that.

What we want is for the existing laws to be enforced and really to rescind many that are on the books that prevent people from protecting themselves. We now know a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun. It just happened in CO and another mass killing was averted not too long ago once the gunman knew they were cornered taking their own life. Gun free zones are in reality free killing zones! Mass killers target areas where they know people have been disarmed. Pull the laws allow folks to carry concealed and you will see an even greater decrease in crime.

Manchin is optimistic but knows getting the votes in the Senate will be hard. We should be concerned now that Harry Reid has invoked the “nuclear option” in the Senate making the difficulty Manchin talks about easier! We the people will not stand for another law violating our Second Amendment right.