Phil Robertson: ‘I Will Not Give or Back Off From My Path’

phil robertsonBOOOM! Take that! Phil Robertson just doubled down so stuff it in your pipe and smoke it progressive tyrants!

Hollywood and the elitists coast to coast hate the Robertson’s because they stand for everything they are against: conservatism, family, fiscal responsibility, embracing their Christian faith!

You dopes on the left have picked the wrong family to mess with! The Robertson’s do not have the #1 reality show in the country for no reason. They are a representation of the REAL America unlike the garbage propaganda shoveled every week from the Kardashians to Real Housewives of ___. Moral and ethical values, personal and financial responsibility are celebrated where as the latter wants America to believe the real way, the norm, to live is via extravagance, acting selfishly, being self-centered, embracing disrespectful attitudes, going as far to engage in acts of depravity! You see when you mess with the Robertson’s you are messing with we the people!

As I expected Phil is standing his ground as will his entire family. While the left continues to be in an uproar over what he said in GQ, take note it meant nothing to him! ‘I didn’t think much of it at all, but it seems a lot of other people did’.

Personally as much of a fan as I am of the show, which I haven’t watched since the fiasco started, I hope the family walks from the show! I want to see A&E go into flames over this for choosing to side with LGBT and being anti-Christian. That is what they did when they chose to submit to a small group of thugs, tyrants crying over a man speaking his mind quoting the Bible! The same thugs and tyrants who demand tolerance, to express themselves who are clearly intolerant of anyone expressing themselves if it goes against their beliefs!

This fight between the Robertson’s, A&E and minority tyrants like GLAAD is at the very core of what is wrong with America! You leftist radical progressives are going to lose!

Phil Robertson speaks out: Duck Dynasty star says he is a lover not a hater
By Will Payne | DailyMail
Phil Robertson has spoken out for the first time since his homophobic comments in a magazine interview went public and refused to go back on his controversial remarks, saying: ‘I will not give or back off from my path.’

The Duck Dynasty patriarch led a small Bible study group in his home town church in West Monroe, Louisiana on Sunday, granting MailOnline exclusive access.

And the deeply religious outdoorsman stood by his incendiary statements – which saw him call homosexuality a sin and led to his suspension from the hit reality show by network bosses at A&E…

…And at the end of the session he led a defiant prayer, which included the words, ‘I will not give or back off from my path because you conquered death, Father, so we are not worried about all the repercussions.’

Earlier he stood in front of the small class, at White’s Ferry Road Church wearing his full camouflage suit and addressed the group for around 45 minutes.

He said: ‘I have been immoral, drunk, high. I ran with the wicked people for 28 years and I have run with the Jesus people since and the contrast is astounding.

‘I tell people, “You are a sinner, we all are. Do you want to hear my story before I give you the bottom line on your story?”

‘We murder each other and we steal from one another, sex and immorality goes ballistic. All the diseases that just so happen to follow sexual mischief… boy there are some microbes running around now.

‘Sexual sins are numerous and many, I have a few myself. So what is your safest course of action? If you’re a man, find yourself a woman, marry them and keep your sex right there…more