Susan Rice on Benghazi: “I Don’t Have Time to Think About a False Controversy”

OMG at this point Rice has as much blood on her hands as the rest of the liars in the imperial regime!

What was false? When they blamed a video NO ONE SAW? When Stevens asked for additional security and was denied? When they called for help and no one came? Or how the regime lied about how many CIA operators were on the ground at the time of the attack? I must have missed all of that!

And you know what kids no one will be held responsible. Congress will put on another televised hearing or two with guys thundering away but nothing will come of it. No one is being held responsible even charged criminally for Fast & Furious do you really think anything will happen over Benghazi?

Congress congratulations, Rice just dismissed you by calling Benghazi a “false controversy” and you are all officially irrelevant!