Van Jones: GOP Will Have to Run Against Hillary, Bill, Barack, and Michelle in 2016

How did we get here? A self avowed communist’s is now welcomed in political discussion? Showing me where communist policies have been successful? Jones is a guy pushing for wealth redistribution and the destruction of capitalism. He is so emboldened he at least gave us an idea of the propaganda machine we are up against in the coming elections cycle. When conservatives run for office they aren’t solely running against the dem operative they are running as Jones say against the obama’s and the Clinton’s. But he also left out while running against these two crime families conservatives will also be running against the money, power and influence of George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, countless other super rich leftist billionaires, the crap media and of course Commiewood (Hollywood)!

The left clearly wants Hillary to be the next president. The message the right is already failing to get across to the country is that 4 years of Hillary is another 4 years of obama!

Any conservative who wins their election this year and in 2016 up against this radical machine is a true warrior. The forces of evil are lining up folks!