Obama Calls for Min Wage Hike Vows “Wherever I Can Act On My Own I Will”

This guy has NEVER held a real job, NEVER run a business, NEVER had to meet payroll and NEVER even ran a lemonade stand to understand basic economics 101. Raising wages will also cause job loss for those companies who cannot afford the increase. Any employer with two brain cells between their ears understands this but Barry doesn’t because he has a money printing press at his disposal! By raising the federal minimum wage emperor 0 is putting pressure on the private sector to follow. John/ Jane Homemakers little business that is barely breaking even, under all the high taxes, regs and fees there are already burdened with, will not be able to COMPLY. This is just more wealth re-distribution that goes unchallenged AFTER the CBO reported it will cost jobs not increase their numbers.

But what do you expect from a man who opens his speech with “I will act on my own”!? Yes he is potus and has the right to issue executive orders… FOR the Executive Branch. The president emperor however cannot write laws from the oval office imperial throne room.

“All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives. ” Article 1 Sec 1

You would think a potus who boasts that he is a Constitutional attorney who taught it for 10 years would know this. Oh he does but because our do nothing Congress has sat by without challenging him they have in fact emboldened him to use more executive power outside his reach.