RINO Prog Colin Powell on MSDNC Attacks ‘Certain Elements’ in Republican Party as Racists

I think it’s safe to say we know exactly who Powell is going after! The establishment GOP he is embedded with is bent on running all the conservatives out of Congress. How this RINO thinks the GOP needs him more than the demoncrat party is laughable. I’m done being nice to those who served in the military now in government and politics taking shots at those trying to preserve/ restore America to its greatness. Colin Powell thank you for your service (AT THE TIME) but you sir are a disgrace to this nation masquerading as a republican/ conservative. Come out of the communist closet Colin and just make the move over to the DNC official!

Here’s a question if Powell feels so strongly on this why is he on MSDNC? Conservative Americans are not watching this propaganda network of the imperial regime. He needs to get a set and go on Fox or The Blaze and say this. Americans standing against ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY has NOTHING to do with race. We understand the metrics of what will happen if the flood gates are opened to the reported 11 million, more than likely 20 million, ILLEGAL ALIENS in the US who will be anchors for their families. Powell takes pride that the nation is made up of immigrants but he leaves out the quota system we had to be that great country. Once upon a time an immigrant had to have something to offer the nation to enter! Those Powell campaigns for now are nothing but leeches on the economic and social entitlement system. The majority of “immigrants” entering the US offer nothing, they are uneducated and low skilled, the only commodity they bring is a vote to keep progressives in power in definitely!