Welcome to US Police State: CHP Officer Arrests Firefighter

This just goes to show you the stormtroopers will flex their muscle against anyone who gives them a hard time. The fire truck being parked in the center divide, that cause the dispute between the CHP officer and firefighter, apparently is a big no no and has precedence over treating people injured in a roll-over!

I’ve lost count at the number of times lanes have been blocked down to one by rescue vehicles on a highway because of a wreck. As a matter of fact a week ago a street near my home, which is a major access point, was completely blocked by one fire truck and everyone had to turn around and go about a half possibly a mile out of their way for a simple car wreck! This cop IMO overstepped his authority it’s not like the firefighter was screwing around he was assisting with the rescue of car wreck victims!

The only way the police are going to stop this abuse of power is for people to start filing lawsuits. Granted this firefighter was later released if it was me I would be looking into filing charges for something; false imprisonment, malicious prosecution (although that’s reaching). You just can’t let these thing go anymore through a meeting and a handshake. Not taking legal action sets a precedent that it is okay for the next guy.